Trans-Sensitivity and Cultural Diversity Training

Trans-Sensitivity and Cultural Diversity Training for Individuals, Corporations, Schools, Hospitals, Group private practices and other establishments, is provided by Clinical Director, Dr Rizi Timane LCSW, PhD, DSW. 

Dr Rizi is NASW approved as a CEU credit provider for individual therapists.  He is also approved by the Physicians boards and Nursing boards so all therapists, nurses and doctors attending his trainings receive CEU credits! 

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Why is Training needed? 

More and more Transgender kids are coming out at schools as are an increasing number of Trans adults coming out in the Workplace.

Individual clinicians and mental health establishments need to make sure they are educated in ways that empower them to provide trans-affirming and trauma-informed care to the transgender community.

Schools, Companies and all types of establishments need to be prepared and proactive as institutional dynamics have changed and the emotional as well as possibly financial cost of not being Trans-culturally aware could be huge.

The main problem occurs when people are transitioning. This is where the biggest conflict and fear of the unknown shows up. Workplace and School bullying and retaliation can take place. 

Trans-Sensitivity and Cultural Diversity Training is part of the answer.

Dr Rizi is certified by the Center to provide training to your agency/organization. 

A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training.

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Clinical Director: Dr Rizi Timane, PhD, LCSW, DSW.

Dr Rizi Timane, PhD, LCSW,DSW, a female-to-male transgender Certified Trans-sensitivity/Diversity Trainer who advocates for transgender rights. Rizi serves as the Clinical Director at The Happy Transgender Center and previously served two years as the Associate Director of the Transgender Health Program at St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, a federally qualified health care facility which provides extensive services (including hormone replacement therapy, mental health therapy, primary care giver services, name and gender change assistance, job readiness workshops, support groups, victims services, insurance surgery referrals, amongst other important services for transgender patients). To learn more about St Johns' Transgender Program or to seek services there, please click here. Dr Rizi has also worked as an LGBT affirming psychotherapist at the L A LGBT Center. Through his employment at these agencies, Dr Rizi has worked with thousands of transgender patients and provided supervision to an all transgender team of 13 staff. He has been providing transgender affirming training to hospitals, schools and corporations for the past 7 years and has been featured as an expert transgender guest speaker on numerous TV shows and publications including TIME magazine, CNN, Fox News,CNBC, KCAL 9, NBC OUT, Forbes, Ebony, Amazon, USA Today and POP Sugar amongst many others. His memoir "An Unspoken Compromise" about his gender transition, is an Amazon Bestseller. Dr Rizi has been honored by the Transgender Advisory Council of Los Angeles and awarded the 2019 Transgender Visibility award by the City of Los Angeles which was presented to him at  the Los Angeles City Hall by Congressman Mitch O'Farrell. 

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